The Middle Tennessee Black and Indigenous (MTBI) Fund is a community fund for Black and Indigenous queer and trans folks living and participating in the gayborhood and queer community of rural Middle TN. The gayborhood is a rural tri-county region (Dekalb, Cannon, & Smith Counties) that our faerie and queer community has been cultivating for over 3 decades.

Black and Indigenous individuals living in our community who need to access funds, for whatever reasons, may do so by completing a short application and money is distributed on a first come, first served basis. The larger goals of the MTBI Fund are to add to the decades worth of work facilitated by BIPOC leaders who came before us to challenge white supremacy and resource hoarding in our rural southern queer community. This project will foster immediate wealth redistribution in our community, direct the funds to Black and Indigenous community members, and build the leadership of Black and Indigenous community members. Our advisory board and major donors have committed to supporting this project for 3 years, from January 2019 – December 2021. We also use this project as an opportunity to engage our community in wealth redistribution via political education.

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